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Thread: Engines

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    If you plan to fit a ford engine , I can recommend the 1.7 Zetec as a very torquey engine that won awards because of this. It was only fitted in the Ford Puma and is all aluminium with variable inlet cam timing and designed by Yamaha. These units regularly exceed 180k miles provided the oil is changed regularly, I don't believe that an ecoboost will be as reliable because of the stress it is under to produce a similar output ie 125BHP. I can put you in touch with a specialist Puma breaker who can also supply you with the ecu etc if you P'm me. This engine is economical if driven sensibly and will return 43-45mpg in a Puma at 70mph, which has relatively low gearing of 19mph in 5th gear.

    A remap with tubular manifold and freeflow cat will yield 145 BHP . Add a set of piper cams 152BHP. Wilder cams on throttle bodies 180BHP.

    However you will be impressed with the performance of the standard 125BHP engine in a Marlin because of the diesel like torque from 1500rpm all the way upto the redline of 6300RPM.
    The engine is very similar to the 4AGE as they were both derived within the Yamaha factory
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    Quite a lot of talk about the reduced life expectancy of a more ‘stressed’ Ecoboost or similar engine.

    Is it relevant to a Marlin?

    Manufacturing standards and technology have leapt forward a great deal in the past 30 years, specifically in the fields of longevity and emission controls.

    How many miles would you have expected your 1992 Mk2 Sierra to cover in its lifetime as the archetypal repmobile?
    Wasn’t the 1.8 Pinto used in an effort to reduce emissions for company car tax reasons?

    Considering that most Marlins are summer only cars and not daily drivers, there are of course exceptions, their lifetime mileage use is likely be substantially, less than a commuter car or one constantly doing short, cold engine, school runs, that are way more environmentally damaging.
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    Loads of Marlin Reference can be found documents here or there.
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