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Thread: Sportster Throttle Cable Spring Fitting

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  1. #1 Sportster Throttle Cable Spring Fitting 
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    Jul 2019
    Hi very new Sportster owner and I was getting my car ready for the Silverstone Classic weekend and my Throttle Cable snapped at the pedal end. The spring fell off so I have no idea how it operates or fits onto the cable. I rang the factory but there is no one there until July 22nd. I have ordered a Cable from Car Builder Solutions which looks the same but I can not work out how the spring fits Can anyone offer any advice I really do not want to miss Silverstone due to a sillybit of wire!
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  2. #2 Re: Sportster Throttle Cable Spring Fitting 
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    Could you post a pic, because without it only members with exactly the same car will be able to help?
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