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Thread: On the lookout

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    On the lookout

    Hi, I am new to the club and to Marlins although I have had and built several kit cars.
    I would appreciate guidedance from the collective. I am looking for a Sierra based Cabrio, Hunter, Berlinetta or YKC derivative.
    Question 1. Do the chassis rust or are they galvanised. If they rust where are the vulnerable areas.?
    Question 2. Is the lwb available on Marlin and YKC models, and what is the difference in wheelbase, does it improve cockpit and boot space.
    Question 3. The Cabrio bodywork and dash surround are more rounded in comparison with the Roadsters, did the same happen to the Berlinetta.

    What else should I be aware of?

    Many thanks in anticipation. Paul

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    Club Member dcunn's Avatar
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    Nov 2011

    Re: On the lookout

    Hi Paul and welcome. You would probably expect different answers from different people - and here you won't be disappointed !

    My immediate thoughts
    1 Chassis are not galvanised, normally painted by owner builders. Marlin built cars eg Hunters have powder coated chassis, sometimes needing a derust as they are a few years old now my knowledge no particular consistently bad areas
    2 LWB always worthwhile if you can find one, the extra space is most beneficial
    3 Berlinetta followed the Roadster, later Berlis were Sierra based but only a very few were built and they're like hens teeth ! Cabrio/Hunter are later models, using Sierra base.

    Good luck with your search. May I suggest a call to Danny Nelson for his advice. He's been buying and selling Marlins for many many years, will do you a straight deal
    - and he might just have a car suitable for you !

    Rgds Dave Cunnington Club Archivist

    PS if you look at the photo galleries on this site you will find many examples of each car

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    frequent forum contributor Club Member David's Avatar
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    High Wycombe

    Re: On the lookout

    Welcome to the club. You can tell long wheelbase models by the insert in the wing’s ahead of the ref wheel arch. I think it’s 8 inches?
    - 9th Custodian of JRR 929D, the Triumph Vitesse based special Paul Moorehouse built prior to the Triumph based Roadster kits.
    - 8th owner of Roadster chassis number 2395. Kit manufactured 1983, first registered in 1987. Now owned by Barry!
    - Builder of chassis number 2325 (PKK 989M) in the mid 80's. Now owned by Eric & Lynne in the NE of England.

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    Re: On the lookout

    I have sent you a PM


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