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Thread: Which Honda Civic Radiator are People Using

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  1. #1 Which Honda Civic Radiator are People Using 
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    I'm considering fitting one of the Honda Civic Radiators and I notice that there are 2,3 and 4 row variants. Which of these have been used in a MkII Roadster? I'm asking because the space between the front cross member and the steering rack on a MkII is tight and these radiators vary in depth from about 40-60mm. Also has anyone got pictures of one fitted with a Pinto? I'm interested in how the hoses are routed.

    This is the 4 row version...


    Mk2 SWB Marina Roadster with a 2.0L Pinto built in 1986
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  2. #2 Re: Which Honda Civic Radiator are People Using 
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    Hello Andy,
    I bought and fitted one of these to my project which at present has stalled. If you look at the build and rebuild forum it is under getting marlin through IVA near the top. I ordered the bling version, alloy with fan included off an ebay store based in Southampton about £75. I had to fit the fan on front of the the rad due to space limits. for the 1700 o series engine. The standard black replacement rads early to mid 90,s are sold as being good up to 160 BHP costing when I looked £30-40. So unless you are fitting a V8 need a new fan or want the bling factor like me it would probably be simpler to fit the black version. I hope that helps.


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