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Thread: Berli/Cortina Ignition Switch

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  1. #1 Berli/Cortina Ignition Switch 
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    Nov 2011
    I've been having a spot of bother with the ignition barrel on the car; essentially it's getting worn out.
    The switch end seems OK, but the key is getting harder and harder to insert correctly, to both turn and to push in release the steering lock. Actually the barrel is pushing in too soon and preventing the key from being inserted far enough for all the tumblers to disengage.

    From what I can make out, the whole part is common to Mk3 Cortina, and Mk1 Capri, and little else. That being housing, switch and key/barrel assembly as one unit.
    Does anyone know what else they were used on, or a source for a replacement.

    I don't have a parts book to look up the genuine Ford number; Is anyone able to assist please?

    Also, if I do find one, or just the key/barrel, does anyone know how to release the old barrel without wrecking the housing?

    I suspect that the actual barrel/key assembly might be common to other models, but no idea which ones.

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    Nov 2011
    This has a diagram for Ford Taunus/Cortina (1970-1975) but does not list the parts for some reason.

    Not a great deal of help.
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