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Thread: Identifying parts ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by marlin1984 View Post
    Should have said - Steve was as ever correct - bottom bush [under the 'bodgers' tape] WAS felt not plastic. I confess to putting it back as it worked perfectly …

    Postage charge WAS excessive for a virtually weightless part so Minispares would have been significantly cheaper … [ new one looked Chinese and definitely did NOT have "Cam Gears" on it … ]
    Job’s a good one!

    When I order items for delivery to Spain, certainly when using eBay, I do try to talk to the vendor and negotiate a price rather than just agree to their estimate.
    A friend runs a mailing house and regularly delivers to Spain, I can make use of his services, essentially for free, so only pay UK postage.
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    Three core radiator, Renault Clio vented front discs.
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    Loads of Marlin Reference can be found documents here or there.
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    Certainly the steering column is now 100% 'play-free'.
    Still sorting the bodged ex-Marina wiring loom though. Am fitting a 10 blade fuse box and removing cut wires that used to serve things like interior lights ...

    (My stepson lives in Alicante. He has had huge problems with English solicitors assuming there is door-to-door delivery throughout Spain as per the UK - rather than a postbox in the nearest town )
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