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Thread: Greetings & Wheels

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    Jul 2016
    St Austell, Cornwall
    My steel wheels. There are 4 pretty much the same condition, tyres are shot with cracked side walls.
    The PCD is the standard Marina 3.75”.
    I am in St. Austell 5-10 minutes from the Eden project.


    1275 Marina/Ital based LWB Roadster in the process of a ground up rebuild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keltonturvey View Post
    Thanks so much for the replies everyone!

    I took the spare off today and measured it and it looks like 3.75 PCD if I've understood the measurement correctly?

    Attachment 11420

    Yes the car is the LWB version which helps as I'm just over 6foot tall.

    @meverett - I will PM you about your steel wheels.

    @ HairyDave - Thanks! The photo was taken in the grounds of a Fort in Plymouth where I am lucky enough to have my office. Amazing place with canon a moat and a network of underground tunnels!

    @Sidon - the Minilites look great, in fact your car looks fantastic! I think you are right that my current wheels are 'Weller Steels'.

    @milliemarlin - I had planned to paint the car before I drove it. However the colour has grown on me quite considerably. The smiles from the kids tugging on their mums arms and pointing 'look, look!' as we drive by is a lot of fun and is as much a result of the colour as the car.

    @stevejgreen - thanks I will have a delve into the keepshare to see what I can find.

    I will photoshop some other wheel options on that image and post the results...
    Bang on 3.75” Marina saloon standard.

    Register on the Marina Owners forum bizarrely called fastmarinamagazine and ask them there not forgetting to post a pic or two.
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    1984 Marlin Roadster SWB.
    1800TC, Unleaded ported head, stage 2 cam. Ford Type 9 gearbox, Dolomite Sprint rear axle fitted with MGF disc brakes.
    Three core radiator, Renault Clio vented front discs.
    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

    Loads of Marlin Reference can be found documents here or there.
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    I put my Marina based Roadster on MGF spacesavers about 10 years ago. They are 14" so made the speedo a bit slow but are they ever accurate in a kit car? I fitted 165/14s with full 80 aspect ratio to give the tallest possible wheel. They are the same style as MG TD,TF, MGA, ZA,ZB Magnette and Morgans from the early 50s to 60s. I prefer this style rather than alloys which look too modern and racy. They were easy to fit, all I needed was a thin (5mm) spacer at the front and nothing at the back. The offset is perfect. I used them with no hubcaps for a while but later got some early Morris 1100 caps without the stamped "M". I made some alli strip things which bolt to the wheel to fix the cap to with a centre chrome dome nut. Bit difficult to describe here but I wrote it all up with illustrations for Pitstop at the time. Maybe DC and I between us can find the issue in the archive if you are taken with the idea. I sold the original Marlin factory alloys to DC which is how we first met. Check out MGF spare wheels on Ebay, back then I paid £8 each. Somebody told me the wheels were originally on Austin Montegos but I can't confirm this. However, they must have been used on other cars (Rover?) maybe. Hope this helps, Franklin.
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    Franklin, Leicester
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    Any Triumph (smallish) wheel from that era shared the same wheel fitment.
    Formally DonSayers on here.
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