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Thread: Marlin in New Zealand

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  1. #1 Marlin in New Zealand 
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    Apr 2018
    Southland - NZ
    Hi Guys

    I have started to make some progress in getting my Marlin built and road legal here in NZ
    It's a Marina based kit originally made in 1995 and has never been completed

    The NZ Certification process is quite sensible but I did have to make some changes

    The certifier was not too keen on the folded steel floor - neither was I
    The seat belt mounts - the shoulder and the inside corners also got the shitty eye

    I don't need a rear roll bar - but I do need the fixings for one

    The specs here call for a triangulated brace between the chassis rails

    So I have replaced the seat belt mounts with a more substantial pair of tubes with braces across the car and back to the chassis rails
    I have made a framework for the floor - including the brace

    I did NOT like the way a Marina pedal box was used with a horrible afterthought additional brace

    In order to make this easy I made a "rotisserie"

    This turned out to be dead easy! - I had an engine build stand - I just made it a bit taller and horizontal for one end and I added an extra rectangular tube with a hole in it to my engine hoist - works really well
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    Nov 2011
    Very interesting Duncan, bringing the chassis etc into the 21st century

    I look forward to watching your progress on this one - please keep the pictures & commentary coming

    I have sent you a PM

    Rgds DC
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    Nov 2011
    With a workshop like that, I for one can't wait to see the results!
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    To do that IRS would be necessaey.
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    Loads of Marlin Reference can be found documents here or there.
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