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And meanwhile, back in England, I have just read that a family of 4 have been stopped, fined, and escorted out of Devon, for travelling 200 miles from London to Devon for a spot of fishing...ffs!
allegedly a couple from north London, stopped a policeman in Brighton, asking where the nearest open fish and chip shop was, with the inevitable results.
At the same time, Brighton residents were complying about a waste of police resources when an ANPR van was operating on a main road into town. I disagree if people are planning 100 mile round trips as though nothing is happening deserve to get arrested.

The point is, that with the nature of Corona, you can be infectious without any symptoms, for two weeks. So you have no idea whether you are infectious or not.
Your best policy therefore is to behave as though you are infectious.
I and a few of my neighbours are in high risk groups, we often exchange telephone calls, but now and again we meet up at a nearby carpark, near by are our post boxes and communal waste disposal facilities. We can easily maintain 2m or more social distancing, but we don’t hang about for more than 5 mins. It’s comforting to put a real face to a voice. My lockdown beard is quite a point of conversation.