Hi I am a new/old member (Adrian Priest days) and I joined this Club in March. I built my Mk11 Roadster Chassis No. MRC 2546 (the MRC are my initials and I stamped them on the plate before having it registered so there recorded on the V5) between 1984 and 1986 getting it on the road in May 86. I did a completed dry build of the car to running condition then stripped it down again to paint all the individual panels on both sides. In brief I then used the car for several years covering about 10000 miles. Then from about 1992 it fell into disuse to work commitments and other interests. Them in 97 I refurbished the engine treating it to a re-bore new pistons, reconditioned the head etc. but returning it to the road revealed severe over heating problems obviously due to the tight engine and it became totally unusable with a very real fear of being scolded if any of the cooling components failed, the heater literally roasted your legs, so it was back off the road while I had a think. I returned it to the road again in 2004 for a short while but despite no end of trials trying to get it to run cool all attempts failed, it was running that hot I had to stall it to get it to get the engine to stop. Again life my busy got in the way working and doing several other sometimes domestic projects, renovate a 3 bedroom rental property (for my retirement pension) fitting 4 kitchens, 2 Bathrooms for family and block paving my rear garden then some proper interesting work on several motorcycle projects.
Fast forward to March 2020 and covid-19 lockdown - Marlin time - only this time no mucking about I'm going straight for a new high efficiency radiator and several other mods and a complete refurbishment of the car including a full repaint and retrim of the interior. So at this moment I have removed all the body panels and chiselled out the old windscreen, boy did that Sikaflex stick. Rebuilt and painted the front and rear suspension, new bearings and seal in the rear axle. I have welded up frame to support the brake servo carrier due to a cracked bulkhead and I've modified the clutch slave cylinder so that it can be removed when the bulkhead is in place. I'm looking into moving the steering rack rearwards to get a decent radiator in, I've cut the rack mounts off above the angle iron cross brace and welded them to sole plates to fix them by either welding or drilling and bolting once I have the radiator in position. That's the position at the moment and when I can work out how to post pictures I will put some on of my progress.
Stay safe and take care All. Mick Clamp.