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Thread: Pinto Electronic Ignition

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    I recall that earth wire broke and it wouldn't run afterwards, can't remember exactly where it went but the control module on the sierra was over to 1 side bolted to the body.
    I also on 1 occasion had to replace the ignition control module, but overall they were reliable.

    With regards to the unit fitted to the distributor, I can't recall Sierras having them on the Pinto engine dizzy however they were fitted to the CVH engines and failed regularly.
    I used to replace them with an intermotor part, which came with some heat sink white cement.
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    Fortunately I don't have to exercise the old grey matter too hard ,merely lifting the bonnet on my car gives me all the answers I want.
    Firstly the braided wire, it is short and one end is crimped to the shield , the other has a terminal on it which in the case of a Bosch dizzy fits to one of the dizzy cap securing screws.
    The ignition module or Ford Thick Film Ignition module was fitted on the body of the dizzy to start with until too many accidents caused it to be remotely positioned. To keep it simple Ford made the modules in grey and later design modules in black, guess what ? manufactures of the knockoff market decided to make theirs black, ALL OF THEM, confusing, of course they would fit but not perform as they were supposed to.
    You have to have a good read of Ford Thick Film Ignition modules to get a grasp of the workings, it makes my brain ache, but its damn good reading.
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