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Thread: Pinto Electronic Ignition

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    About 20 years ago, on one of my many visits to the local scrap yard, I acquired a bosch distributor, 2 control modules and most of the associated wiring loom form a Sierra.
    These have been languishing at the back of the garage ever since, even surviving a house move and clear out.
    After seeing 'Twinstacks' post on pedal rubbers and remembering the ones I had bought and never fitted, a search discovered the rubbers and the ignition parts.
    Being in lock down I decided to have a go at fitting this system, but keep the option of returning to the reliable working points system.
    Main problem is the wiring loom. As I had a loom the wiring between the control module, coil and distributor where obvious, although there appeared to be different diagrams posted on line.
    (moral : don't trust everything you see on line)

    Diagram 1
    From a kit car site (distributor and coil wiring reversed)

    Diagram 2
    Diagram by Stephen Middleton, was amongst some paperwork I have kept for reference.
    This appears to be as my loom but the wire colours differ.
    The module is also viewed from the underside.

    I'm sure somebody out in the club must have carried out this conversion, I have one out standing question
    Why are there two feeds to the module (from diagram 2) Black/green to the starter motor and black to the coil / ignition switch?
    I would be grateful for any advise before I continue.
    Please don't advise fitted a after market power spark system, half of the enjoyment of owning the Berlinetta is resolving issues as above.

    Dave H
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