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Thread: Marlin BMW prototype

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    Re: Marlin BMW prototype

    This has just sold at auction for £5900 + Commission.
    Was it anyone on here????

    InkedScreenshot 2020-06-26 11.31.49_LI.jpg

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    Re: Marlin BMW prototype

    Auction commission for cars is often in the region of 12%, add the VAT to this and then we could have a final price of circa £7,900. IMO I would say they haven't paid over the top, the seller got a fair price and the buyer has ended up with a really nice one off Marlin. If I didn't already owned a Cabrio I would have definitely been tempted even at that price.
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    Re: Marlin BMW prototype

    That particular auctioneer charges 8% buyers premium with vat on the premium, final cost to buyers would have been £6466, certainly cabrio territory. Looked good though.


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