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Thread: Import a Marlin to Sweden ?

  1. #1 Import a Marlin to Sweden ? 
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    Jul 2016
    A work colleague based in Sweden is interested in exporting a Marlin over there (not mine !!). However he thinks it is almost imposible as their regulations are prohibitive ..

    Does anyone know of a car that has been exported over there and is on the road ? IS there a member based there, who has done it ?

    I'm thinking maybe the Hunter could be the best bet as it's 'factory built' ?

    Thanks all .. Richard
    Triumph Herald 1200 based Roadster
    Bought in 1983 as a running restoration
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  2. #2 Re: Import a Marlin to Sweden ? 
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    Hi Richard

    James Dresch in Sweden has been a Marlin guy for years, he owns three Berlinettas

    There's also been a relatively recent Sportster build over there, don't know more details though

    I'll PM you

    Rgds DC
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  3. #3 Re: Import a Marlin to Sweden ? 
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    all european countries have their own laws in terms of car-registrations...this said, the majortiy of countires have the same regulations when it comes to emissions:

    emissions are related to the reg-date and automatically 100% of all recent kitcars from UK cannot be re-homologated outside UK.

    the deadline for cars without catalytic converter was 1991 / 1992 in most EU countries

    this said: its not "ok, than i fit a cat" issue....reg.-years are related to an Emission class (like Euro3, 4, 5, 6) and those classifications are automatically linked to other things like OBD, noise, EMS etc.

    until 2000, when Euro3 was established, you might get away just using a modern engine, with the original injection system and a controlled catalyic converter. Euro1 or Euro2 should be achievable.
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