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Thread: Door lock Pull Cable

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    Thanks for the advice, I have frequently been accused of over engineering a solution.
    Yes I intended to make the length adjustable. If I have to go down this route then I will probably use only one length of stud and not two although the gap between the two ends will be bigger to allow the cable to move the required amount to open the door.
    So far I have:
    a) Ordered two Escort cables (Hoping they are long enough and of a suitable vintage with the correct ends.)
    b) Ordered one Puma cable (I have a suspicion the ends might be wrong...)
    c) Been in conatct with an ex-Marlin owner who has two cables from a sierra that he is going to send me for the cost of the postage.

    The original problem with the cables is that the outer sheath is made of plastic and has become brittle and broken, When it broke the inner kinked and despite my attempts to make a splint it does not run freely anymore.
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