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Thread: Wing bracket and fog ligh

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  1. #1 Wing bracket and fog ligh 
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    Fog light first, have you seen the cost of a new BMW double spot/fog switch? Seemed the switch had failed, so acquired another from eBay, that was a cheeky bid of £25, others asking £50+.
    Arrived fitted not working, could have returned it but thought possible to make a good one out of the two I had. They strip down quite easily when you start, mind the springs, and both were just full of crud. Cleaned adjusted contacts and both work perfectly.
    Wing bracket broke so temp repair with catenary band, a nail and cable ties, stronger than it sounds. Some 3mm plate cut 5mm and shaped to stay rod, plate welded, rib welded underneath so invisible repair, put back together painted and not a bad job. Next time, the other side, will take the wheel off, only to make putting it all back easier. MOT the weekend coming.
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