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Thread: Clunking Differential - play/ backlash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlh94 View Post
    Good point! Would definitely rather play it safe and keep a 3.38 ratio!
    I have a 3.38 diff with very good internals - the only drawback is I stripped one of the threads of the case. I only swapped it out when I found a NOS Scorpio (?) 3.36 diff being sold cheap on eBay.
    It would make an ideal rebuild using your own case.

    John at Kitfit is the man to contact if he is still doing rebuilds - he is a one man band operating out of a shed in his back garden, but knows these Ford diffs as well as the best, and his rates very very reasonable for his level of skill/quality.

    PM me if you are interested.
    (I may be a while responding, as I’m awaiting a major heart bypass tomorrow!).

    Incidentally I get an annoying vibration from my (well balanced ) prop shaft at 70mph - it’s annoying as I can drive through it and cruise at 80mph much more quietly, but obviously run the risk of attracting Mr Plod. After much research I believe it is due to the gearbox output flange and the diff in put flange not being in precisely the same parallel plane. The centre lines do not have to be aligned but the faces must be parallel.
    I would highly recommend one of the modern replacement D bushes as the old Ford ones allow frightening levels of diff movement- especially in your case as you have so much torque on tap.

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    Thanks chaps, much appreciated. Hope you have a fast recovery Mike!

    I’ve just sent a few messages out enquiring about reconditioning and have found a number for kitfit previously posted on here so fingers crossed I’ll hear something back tomorrow😊

    I’ll look into changing the D mount. on a budget so may have to try the sikaflex route!
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