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Thread: Roadster Axle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggrum View Post
    Thanks very much for all the info which I'll feed back to the enquirer.
    No evidence is a new subscriber accessing Keepandshare.
    just maybe, to expedite matters if you passed his contact details on to me, I could help, as I have done for others.

    Its a shame, I share on Keepandshare to help other owners. I can tell them where the library is, but I can’t make them walk in and take out the reccomend book, or even read it.
    It’s almost as if people don’t want to be helped because Keepandshare is no secret.
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    Apparently the original axle was badly damaged beyond repair (I have no details of how) and the individual concerned is happy to arrange collection of the spare I have in my garage. I can only assume that the cost of this is not as high as I thought it might be. Thanks again for your help.
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