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Thread: Marlin 5exir instrument cluster

  1. #1 Marlin 5exir instrument cluster 
    Hi all, I've just purchased a 5Exi-R from eBay as a project car.....
    Turns out it needs more work than first thought.... guy built it in 2008 and had 58 plate assigned.
    It has a Type R engine fitted, collected yesterday and ran like a dog 🐕 due to spark plugs, limped home and changed them and this cured the misfire. On way to Mot station the rear engine mounting welds failed and drive shaft popped out.....

    Car now sat in the garage waiting for them to sort the mounts as other side cracking also. Welds look awful, guy said that they were purchased like that from Marlin which I doubt.

    I noticed when pushing the car that the instrument binnacle which houses rev counter and speedo has a broken section on top. Anybody know if you can buy this part or if I need to repair and wrap it???

    Also noticed pods on clam behind seats is missing one side. Can these be located or not???

    Any tips guys...

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    147's a long time since September so either you're sorted or you're getting a bit fed up. Our Membership Secretary has a complete instrument binnacle that he could easily be persuaded to part with. I'll ask him to message you.
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