A while back I was looking on a Dutch website, and found these Marlin registrations
which are new to me.

I have no pictures or other information on them, so wondered if a post on here might
be noticed by anyone who could help me identify them?

The cars are :

00 YD 26 Marlin type unknown

1 KXH 23 Hunter

7 THX 27 1989 Sportster (Roadster I guess)

43 SNA 3 1983 Red Berlinetta

58 TBK 9 1988 Red Berlinetta

NF DN 34 1977 (This is probably the original donor car date) Red Roadster

TK 60 BD 1987 Blue Berlinetta 2L

Asking is always worth a try I reckon............. thanks for reading this anyway

Stay well everyone. Rgds DC