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Thread: Can I change a Q plate to age related?

  1. #11 Re: Can I change a Q plate to age related? 
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    I do not wish to put a damper on this but I do not believe any one has ever managed to get a number changed from a Q I think what Andy is remembering is that some members managed to get their Marlins registered correctly to show Marlin on the V5 where before they were recorded as Morris, Ford or whatever. With age related your V5 will also show actual year of construction even though the reg number is an earlier year. As Liz says once a Q always a Q and cannot even be changed for personal plates.
    I think that perhaps when your dad reg the car there may have be no option at that time to have age related. At that time you either got keeping the donor number or a Q as I remember. The age related option followed after this period, perhaps around SVA time. However there is always a first for everything so I wish you good luck.
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    My understanding has always been the same...i.e. once a Q always a Q...which has it's benefits come the MoT.
    I know that back in the day the various regional DVLA offices (when such things existed) applied their own varying interpretations of the rules. In my case, Birmingham, they allocated a Q even though all major components were from the donor and the documentation was all there; whilst in other areas the original registration was carried over.
    I still have copies of all the original documentation & submissions, plus the donor is still on the DVLA database, so I will be interested to see the outcome of this. I'm not really bothered about having a Q-plate , but if it could be changed without opening Pandora's box (IVA) then I'd certainly think about it.
    Good luck & keep us posted..!
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