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Thread: Arson attack

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    A classic car collection in Cheshire burnt to the ground in suspected arson attack. Owner said to be devastated .
    I guess some are irreplaceable so whatever insurance he has won't compensate for the loss.
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    Was that CheshireCar storage, not far from Manchester airport?

    Surprised with that value of cars that it didn’t have a sprinkler system installed?
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    This is from a Facebook post I saw
    A fire that swept through buildings at a farm in Over Peover earlier this week destroying seventy cars has been confirmed as an arson attack.
    One vehicle believed involved was reported locally to have been an Aston Martin featured in a Bond film and reputed to be worth £2.5 million.
    Police are investigating the blaze at Moss Farm at Chelford Lane where two buildings rented by a car storage company were set on fire by intruders on Monday night between 7.45 pm and 9.20 pm.
    Only one vehicle stored in the building was saved as teams of firefighters fought to extinguish the outbreak and continued to damp down the gutted buildings throughout the night.
    Yesterday (Wednesday) Peover Superior Parish Council sent a letter to residents appealing for help in catching the culprits.
    The parish clerk, Shareen Worthington, who confirmed the fire is being treated as arson, said It is believed the intruders may have approached the barn from the rear, over the fields from Wellbank Lane.
    The appeal continued: "Were you out and about on Monday night? Did you notice any odd activity? Unfamiliar vehicles, people carrying anything that seems not quite right or unusual vehicle activity in the vicinity of Wellbank Lane or Chelford Lane?
    "Do you or any of your neighbours have CCTV which might have caught any unusual activity anywhere in the area surrounding Moss Farm?
    " If you think you remember seeing anything at all please get in touch because it may prove to be a vital piece of information in the police's search for the culprits."
    As the blaze swept the buildings, livestock from the adjoining sheds included horses and in-calf pedigree Simmentals were rescued and taken to safety.
    John Eccles, a retired Knutsford estate agent who lives in the village, said: "There was a suspicion the fire was an arson attack, and this has been subsequently confirmed by the police.
    "Apparently, two or three corrugated iron sheets were removed from the rear wall of the shed where the fire started.""

    For those with an account, the post is HERE
    Best Wishes
    Bill Williams

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