I'm a little puzzled about subscriptions.
About a year ago I have learned that PayPal is not an option anymore. As im located in Poland so an international bank transfer was made.
The online bank transfer form requires a full address of the MOC - my imagination suggested Marlinstreet in Marlintown and that has satisfied the "form". Unfortunately, some time later I have found myself not to be a member anymore.
Amount sent was not equal amount received. Another transfer revealed that the difference seems to be a fixed number but I'm still not sure if this is due to "normal" bank fee or due to "manual" procedure of checking bank transfer details differences in the virtual town and street.

In Pitstop 219 - Chairman's column - you may read:
"As mentioned in the last issue, the increase to £18 for club subscription renewals for
UK members has been deferred to 1st January 2021 in light of restrictions this year. If
you have a recurring payment arrangement (eg using PayPal), please ensure that you
change your payment amount prior to the end of this year, to guarantee continuing
membership of the club."
Does it mean that PayPal is possible again?

In order to be prepared for the membership renewal I have checked my payments (https://www.marlinownersclub.com/mem...ayment-history)
I'm a member since 2009 but only payments between 2015 and 2019 are visible there. This years (2xrates) are missing.

The signup form still includes PayPal option (https://www.marlinownersclub.com/members/signup)

I would be very grateful if someone could reveal the "Marlin Owners Club" adres and confirm my understanding of the subscription fee scheme:

£18 for all members around the world (emailed Pitstop) or UK members with a printed copy of Pitstop
£21 for international members with a printed copy of Pitstop

No PayPal option. Just the website was not yet fully updated.

Very best Christmas wishes to all of you, your families and friends
(Not the "Seasonal Greetings" as my company tried to call it, its Christmas!!!)