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Thread: Online viewing

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    Nov 2011
    Happy New Year all.

    While we are in various tiers of lockdown I thought a few recommendations for Automotive (and engineering) videos might be in order. These are a few that I have found. I hope others will add their recommendations to this thread.

    Car Manufacture Lectures - not many good ones

    I know this will not be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoy the enthusiasm and amateurism. There is a fair amount about the way a Lamborghini Huracan is put together.
    Goonzquad - Lamborghini Huracan

    Not car related but interesting from an engineering perspective.
    The Antikythera Mechanism
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    Nov 2011
    Great idea Paul !
    For anyone with an aviation interest, the "Kermi cam" videos produced by Kermit Weeks at his Fantasy of Flight Museum
    in Florida are good...and there are many of them.

    There is also an interesting series of "Mechanics Corner" on the restoration of an original Bf108 Taifun, latest episode is
    number 19, but the first one is at :

    Happ(ier) New Year to all, and stay well folks

    Rgds DC
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    Nov 2011
    Some of these are pure entertainment, some more serious and some are more technical - all car stuff though:

    Bad Obsession Motorsport

    Car Throttle:

    Cleatus McFarland:

    Car Wizard:

    Flying Sparks Garage:

    Fully Charged Show

    Finnegans Garage


    Hoovies Garage:

    Jay Leno's Garage:

    Junkyark Digs:

    Might Car Mods:

    MyClassicCar TV:

    Rich Rebuilds:

    Tom's Turbo Garage:

    Vice Grip Garage:


    More engineering based stuff/Electronics/Making:



    Big Clive

    Damien Maguire:

    Hacksmith Industries:

    Lara Kampf

    This Old Tony

    Welding Tips and Tricks
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    BMW E30 Sportster 2005 - M20B28 - Build Log and Updates
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