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Thread: Fiat 2.0 twin cam exhaust system gasket

  1. #1 Fiat 2.0 twin cam exhaust system gasket 
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    I thought it better to start a new thread on this...

    My 2.0 Fiat TC has a Fiat exhaust manifold that travels 'four into two' and then it has a flat horizontal flange. The lower exhaust system then has a flange with 'two into one' beneath it. The exhaust pipework was specially made from stainless steel 2 yrs ago. I am replacing the studs & nuts that hold the flanges together. I would like to fit a gasket in between them but am having difficulty finding the right material. I bought a foot square sheet of what I thought was the right stuff a year ago but never got round to using it until today. After cutting the gasket shape out very carefully I made 90% of it - but something wasn't right. I was using my dremel to cut it out and there was a strong plasticy burning smell. So I took an offcut and held it in the gas flame on my cooker hob & sure enough it began to burn. The exhaust is a lot hotter so this gasket sandwich of metal, plastic & metal will not work. I suspect this gasket sheep I've got is for other gaskets not exhaust ones.

    Can anyone recommend a proper exhaust gasket material for this situation - which I can cut myself to the right shape? I had a broken stud among the 4 of them when I dismantled it today & suspect the cause for the break was maybe the 2 flat flange surfaces may not be exactly meeting true - so a gasket would help resolve such an issue. I could probably use a good dollop of hylomar but I really would prefer something with more body to it. I welcome your thoughts on this...
    2002 Marina based LWB Roadster with Fiat 2.0 TC engine & box
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    Hi, perhaps you know this already, but Spider Point in Germany can supply most parts for the Fiat 2000 engine, including exhaust manifolds, gaskets, etc. They specialise in parts for the 124 Spider, but since you have the same engine they should be able to help. Website is They are still making supplies to the UK notwithstanding the problems caused by Brexit, via DHL/Parcelforce, there is no German VAT payable, but there is customs duty (it seems to be 5%) plus VAT of 20% on the total price. Delivery takes three or four days.
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    There is exhaust gasket material on both eBay and Amazon. Car Builder Solutions do a similar looking sheet.

    Unless your exhaust regularly glows red hot then the gasket is probably not going to get hotter than 300C, the temperature of the metal not the gas.

    I used to use rolled up aluminium foil mixed with exhaust sealant paste on my old 1.3 Marina and the Metro, worked fine for years, but that was not a flat gasket but a ridge and groove affair.
    Formally DonSayers on here.
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    Alfa Workshop may be able to help. a search on line will bring them up.


    Phil D
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