Hi all,

Just a couple of questions re Roadster suspension from a relative Marlin newbie:

- if a Roadster has Marina rear springs and they have 3 leaves as opposed to 2, does that mean that they are van springs - possibly, probably, definitely or inconclusive?

- the 3 roadsters which I've driven all had marina based front suspension and all drove well but lacked steering self-centring force and to my mind this gives a slight sense of 'steering vagueness' to an otherwise very good driving experience. As this is normally due to a lack of front caster, is this a design flaw of Marlin front suspension (or feature in a quest for light steering....?), do most owners live with it or has anyone tried to remedy it with e.g. top link modification or increasing front ride height slightly in relation to rear?

The forum is a great resource but so far my searches have proved fruitless in providing answers to the above - but please let me know if existing threads have already covered this...