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Thread: A short ski holiday.

  1. #1 A short ski holiday. 
    club member Club Member romeks44's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Hornowek near Warsaw, Poland
    Well, not today... it is almost two weeks as I got back from a ski holiday in the polish Tatra Mountains.
    I started with replacing the had top with a soft top in hope for a good weather. First day traveled from Warsaw to Cracow (Kraków) to visit one of our customers (two days job). Then traveled to Rzepiska near Zakopane. My better half arranged a wooden house for our stay in this very nice (probably the highest located in Poland) village. Most of the drive was open top at about 0-5 deg cloudy weather but for the last part put the roof on. It was already dark and it has started snowing. Star Wars or Space Odysey experience - see the linked vid.
    During the stay weather was mixed sun, clouds and snow. Driving small roads in mountains area gives much more fun than flatlands around Warsaw. I have used an opportunity to try some off-road.... I just tried to follow google maps suggestions just to find the point-of-no-return is far behind.... (another vid linked).
    The good finding was that snow is definitely less likely to penetrate a used (perforated) roof than rain. (See pic)
    During the stay I had to make another one day trip to Cracow. Nice scenic roads and a short stop in Lacko (Łącko) tu buy their local specialty. Plum vodka (moonshine about 70%). Saturday was return drive. Took my daughter for her last ski training (we started 7:30) and then drove through Zawoja and Wadowice in the home direction. Even succeed to pass the Vistula river with a small ferry. Arrived 18:15 with 307 miles more on the clock. The trip altogether was just above 1k.

    You may check other vids on my channel later as I’m just uploading a few more.
    (Sorry, just the over-the-bonnet type)

    Best regards and stay safe
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    Nov 2011
    Thanks Roman for some great videos and good examples of the ‘go anywhere’ ethos of the Marlins in scenery that in the UK we can only dream of! Peter.
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    Nov 2011
    High Wycombe
    That was an entertaining few minutes, thanks for posting.
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