Hi folks,

Has anyone bought a wiring loom in the last 6 months or so and can therefore make a recommendation as I need one for my A Series Roadster. Constant fettling no more, its now causing a fair few issues. No shame to it, but rather than burn the garage down I'll replace it. Thinking Premier or Autosparks generic loom as they both seem much better suited to the weather than a Marina one and have a decent fusebox and relay arrangement.

Also, I have obtained a nice pattern for wind deflectors but can anyone recommend some friction hinges and where to get them? I made an enquiry to Vintagecarparts.co.uk who no longer offer them and I believe a similar story with Europa.
I am investigating if an Aberdeen based laser cutting outfit can do the cutting. If successful I'll post the results on the Forum and see if we can get some others manufactured if there is enough interest.