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Cheers - better eyesight than me.
Does that mean they are crossplies then? I Googled them and they seem to be trailer tyres!

Cheers, Robin
May well be tyres marketed for trailer use. In today's world of low profile tyres for road cars, tyres intended for vans and/or trailers give a much better choice for deeper profiles (i.e. full 80% section tyres). I know this from my search for trials tyres where I'm looking for 175/80/14 or 185/80/14 - only a handful of 'passenger car' tyres marketed in those profiles, but loads of van and trailer tyres! Not that they can't be used on a car, but I'm guessing they're built with stiffer sidewalls and higher load ratings. I'm looking at some Hanokook RA tyres which are officially 'trailer tyres' but I think might work well on a trials Marlin.