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Thread: Fake Marlin in Auction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinclan56 View Post
    Cheers - better eyesight than me.
    Does that mean they are crossplies then? I Googled them and they seem to be trailer tyres!

    Cheers, Robin
    May well be tyres marketed for trailer use. In today's world of low profile tyres for road cars, tyres intended for vans and/or trailers give a much better choice for deeper profiles (i.e. full 80% section tyres). I know this from my search for trials tyres where I'm looking for 175/80/14 or 185/80/14 - only a handful of 'passenger car' tyres marketed in those profiles, but loads of van and trailer tyres! Not that they can't be used on a car, but I'm guessing they're built with stiffer sidewalls and higher load ratings. I'm looking at some Hanokook RA tyres which are officially 'trailer tyres' but I think might work well on a trials Marlin.
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    Have just read the comments on the imitation Marlin / Riley WHO 364H, that was sold recently. It was put up for sale in October 2020 with South Western Vehicle Auctions in Poole and I went to view it. It was advertised for £3,900 - £4,500 but sold for £2,500 approx and was apparently withdrawn. I was late bidding and lost out. I then contacted SWVA to ask if they would putt me in touch with the owner to see if I could broker a deal. They refused. I also contacted DVLA and asked the same. They also declined. I contacted the MOC and had a response from Dave C to say not known and not a Marlin. In fact I thought it might be a Vincent copy but I wasn't sure. I had one for a number of years. All I did know was that it came from the Bournemouth area but could find no trace> Now its resurfaced and sold for £8,500 and I bought myself a Roadster instead with the same engine. This is what was in the catalogue..

    Believed to be a very early Marlin Roadster based on Triumph Vitesse running gear. Last taxed in 1989 and has been in a dry workshop for over 30 years. It has recently been recomissioned with new brake master cylinders, brake calipers and clutch cylinders. Tax and MOT exempt. The vendor tells us this is a well built car with wire wheels and is fun to drive. Sounds great and parts are readily available.
    Auctioneers notes: For a modest outlay the lucky buyer of this machine is getting a huge grin factor. That straight six triumph engine produces 95bhp it weighs very little, I bet she flies. May be viewed by appointment.
    Please note: This car is still registered as a Triumph Vitesse on the current V5C
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    THanks , Just spotted your reply Hairy Dave
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