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Thread: A day out with a difference..

  1. #1 A day out with a difference.. 
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    The other day while road testing the Roadster after rewiring the temperature gauge it all came to a sudden stop. The engine lost power and I coasted to a halt alongside a hedge on the main road. With a gap in the traffic I pushed the car into a driveway where the owner was washing his car. 'Trouble' he asked. 'Yes, fuel I think'. 'I'll tow you home'. On retiring to the garage I found the Facit fuel pump had stopped. Having bench tested the offending item which was intermittent it went in the bin. A new l/p in line fuel pump arrived a day or so later and after a bench test it was connected and wired in. This morning back on the road and with the sun and the open road its time to go. T'was all going well when the engine lost power and this time into a layby. Strong smell of petrol switch off, open bonnet and there is fuel everywhere. Stand back and let it evaporate. Ten minutes later gingerly turn on the ignition. Pump clicking well and fuel pouring out of the lead Stromberg carb. With my trusty tool kit, actually a few open ended spanners I had the carbs off but called the cavalry in the shape of memsahib with my 4x4 and a tow rope. Back into the garage I dismantled the carb to discover the float was not completely closing the inlet needle valve. For years the Facit pump had worked well until the new pump with maybe an extra 2 or 3 psi had made the difference between running and flooding. A gnats whisker adjustment and reassemble the carbs and were back on the road. Another lesson in life's rich car manual.
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    Well done, Strombergs and SU's don't like too much pressure even some mechanical pumps over run the carbs.
    Ben Caswell probably not the last word on anything here!!
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