An advisory was issued at Moll's last MoT. The chap discovered slight play at the RH inner track rod end. I decided to fix that so out came the rack. It had certainly worn so the first plan was to replace the rod and bearing myself. it is slightly complicated but easy enough to do if one takes care. I checked over the outer track rod ends. Both just about seized solid. It is clear the rack had been working hard so I have sent it off for a full refurbishment. Two new track rod ends and locknuts too. The upper steering shaft joint UJ was checked and I noticed a bit of brinelling. Not good so I have a new upper joint complete with the triangular clamp for the upper steering shaft.
The lower UJ is fine so I will keep that.
The tie rod bushes look ropey so I have ordered a replacement kit from Superflex. I will replace the front hub bearings whilst everything is in pieces too.
It is typical that I have turned a simple £9 job into over £200 but I guess I am not alone!
The track rod ends are installed as per the Cortina. This means that they face up with road muck and water settling on the rubber cover with the inevitable seepage into the bearing. I will now check them over at every annual service.
Just got to dig out my camber/castor gauge and the magnificent home-made tracking device and, of course, wait for the various items to appear from the suppliers/engineers.
It is fantastic Marlin weather in the South West today.....Hooray. However, with the road closures and restrictions in Cornwall due to the G7 "farce" ,er sorry, important conference, then I don't suppose I would have got far.