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Thread: Triumph gt6 thermostat housing repair

  1. #1 Triumph gt6 thermostat housing repair 
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    After a fast run up the road yesterday to check out the new seat belts and brakes it was back to the garage for a shutdown and in for a glass. But that didn't happen. On switching off I heard the faint sound of steam escaping and that can only mean one thing a leak in the cooling system. The rad is new and all hoses and clips had been off to be cleaned and lubricated. A close look at the thermostat housing on top of the water pump showed the origin of the leak. A tiny hole between the housing and water pump in front of the rocker box could be seen weeping. Once the engine had cooled down the two housing bolts were undone and the housing removed. The aluminium had almost corroded through leaving about 1.5mm of material on the housing wall. Fortunately I had some Plumbers Mate two part epoxy stick. Cutting off a piece I rolled it in my hands until a uniform brown colour and having taken a mini drill and stone cut the corroded ali back to bright metal and moulded the putty into the corroded area with as much pressure as possible. Left overnight it was ready to cut and file and the result can be seen in the pics. The housing waterways were also polished to remove all the internal corrosion. Likewise the cast iron flange on the water pump on which the housing fits also showed corrosion and this has also been built up and after filing and a new gasket will all go back together. A new ali housing from one of the spares suppliers will set you back £50 - £70 so a practical epoxy repair makes a lot of sense
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