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I’ve been looking at those seats for my Sportster, a local trimmer reckons he can make some nice tie on cushions for them. Are they OK?
They are suprisingly comfortable even without seat pads! They seem to be generally well made although a few of the rivets, used to hold the base to the top, are in a bit squiff. Easily corrected if you have set as many rivets as I have...
I paid less than what the seats are advertised from as he made me an offer after watching them for a while on Ebay. So - yes - I am happy with them.

In my other car (Pembleton) I used seats from Kirkey Racing. They are much, much stronger, originating in the stock car market. But they are also much, much more expensive. They are also less comfortable. I had seat pads made for them.

DSCF2262 by Robin Martin, on Flickr

It's a question of you pays yer money and makes yer choice - as they say.

Cheers, Robin