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Thread: Heater blower / fan switch Cabrio wiring

  1. #1 Heater blower / fan switch Cabrio wiring 
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    Nov 2011
    This part, a standard fitting to Cabrios and Hunters is a GM part made by Hella. It rotary switches the heater blower (three speed) nad in pull/push mode switches the Heated Rear Window in the Corsa it was fitted to, but many builders use the push/pull to override the radiator fan thermostatic switch. In rewiring my car I want to re-wire the switch like this but I need some guidance as to what goes where, please.
    Viewed from the rear there are 8 terminals in 4 pairs. Two pairs are vertical, and two horizontal. Of the verticals, the top pair are about 9mm apart and are unlabelled. The lower pair are about 25mm apart and labelled "1" and "G+". The horizontal pairs are maybe 8mm apart, the upper ones labelled "R" and "H+" respectively and the lower pair "3" and "2".
    I have the original GM/Hella plug which fits to the back, but the wire tails hanging off it do not resemble the DIN colour coding well enough to be confident of their correctness and the Hella website doesn't list the part numbers or pin I wondered if anyone here could help, please?
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    Sorry Bill, I used the standard Sierra heater controls including the switch.
    Cabrio, Omex 2.0l 170bhp Zetec blacktop, Omex ECU and wiring loom.
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    Hi Bill
    I recommend that you try using a digital multi meter set to the audible buzzer on the ohms range . You should then be able to identify all the pins .
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