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Thread: Wrong Battery??

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    Nov 2011
    South Somerset
    I've got a budget Drivetech battery (whoever they are) which is rated at 40AH and 330CC.
    It worked OK for the DOHC Sierra engine, and using the same starter motor with the Zetec engine works OK too.
    I did have an issue of poor starting in cold weather, and finally traced it to the engine to battery earth cable, which is now replaced with two cables running straight from the battery to the engine.
    Cabrio, Omex 2.0l 170bhp Zetec blacktop, Omex ECU and wiring loom.
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    Nov 2011
    Unfortunately I can't fit the 24cm long battery in my car without significant changes like moving the fusebox. I'm hoping the 21cm long battery with its higher cranking current will improve things. I already replaced the earth lead with a new thicker one and doubled up on the positive lead to the starter solenoid. The starter motor was checked not too long ago and I don't think its gone faulty because it spins the engine over very well on the occasions when I've needed a jump start. Fingers crossed the higher performance battery works!!
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