Apologies if this has been covered on the forum before, but I've tried searching and can't find the specific info I need.

I'm trying to increase front ride height using the adjusting bolt in the torsion bar reaction lever, which is currently screwed fully 'in' i.e. suspension as low as possible for the current spline positioning. I want to try this before resorting to turning by a spline (which seems like a bigger job), to see what effect it has.

I jacked and axle-standed the front so that suspension is at full droop, but the bolt head still seems to be under some compression against the chassis plate against which it bears - presumably as there's still some torsion applying through the torsion bar. As there's very limited room to get a spanner on the bolt head, I can't turn the bolt, even with the adjusting nut backed right off.

Am I right in thinking that it's as simple as needing to remove the damper so the suspension droops even further? After all, thinking of the process in reverse, when a kit is built then you'd adjust the ride height first via the torsion bar setting, and then bolt up the damper - is this correct?