We are back home again now after our extra 2 days walking in Edale.
Sorry to hear that our Cabrio "rear end" maladies have somehow jinxed your Berli Doug, though I am thinking that if a CV joint can fail without prior symptoms my noise worries are looking increasingly like a failed wheel bearing as we discussed. All will be revealed shortly......!
Unlike the esteemed Mr. H. I found that the torx-headed bolts were so tight that the torx tool just twisted to destruction - the trade said they often find that they have to resort to use of a grinder. I ground a slot to weaken the head and allow the use of a large flat screwdriver blade in a hammer-driven impact driver to shift them.
The replacement allen bolts came with the diff. from Kit Spares and the driveshafts from Grahame Goode in Leicester who have a comprehensive list of shaft lengths/diameters/spline count on their website.
Great weekend, regards All, John