During a run-out with other club members from Newfold Farm on the 11th of this month, I spotted a problem withmy newly rewired car. It began with the indicator buzzer and warning light suddenly buzzing / flashing at twice the speed occasionally, then more frequently and finally all the time. OK...a bulb? TWO bulbs? Well no. I have Off side Front Indicators and sidelights are working. but Near Side Front Indicators and sidelights are not. Off Side Rear Indicators and sidelights aren't working either, but the Near Side Rear indicators and sidelights are. So I have problems with the Near Side Front and the Off Side Rear. I did find a fuse blown....but replacement didn't provide a cure...no change in fact. I would guess that earthing is a potential problem....but two earth connections at the same time? I'll check the brake lights next because if the Off Side Rear brake light also doesn't work, then that suggests a dodgy earth there and that I've got two faults.