Funny how sometimes a small change can make a big difference. On my SWB Cabrio I have always had to push the clutch pedal down to the floor in order to engage first gear despite all the necessary adjustments having been made and after driving for a while the left leg gets a bit lazy so I occasionally 'crunch' the gear. I had thought about fitting a larger radius self adjusting quadrant to the pedal but didn't fancy the acrobatics required to get the pedal out to do it. Pushing the driver's seat forward an inch makes a big difference but then I can't get in or out of the car without moving the seat back again. So, I obtained a 1" thick piece of foam and fitted it into a fabric A4 size document folder I had laying around and placed it at the base of the seat. Not only does it improve first gear engagement it also gives me additional lumbar support which is good for my ageing back. All for the price of a small offcut of foam.