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09-09-2018, 05:08 PM
We have tried before, but without much success, I guess using the postal service was not such a good idea :


So this time let me try to electronically enlist your help, note that this post/thread is also in the Members Only Club Discussions :

Whilst perusing the latest Pitstop (well done, as ever, Geoff) I was looking at the list of new members names, and if you have just purchased a Marlin, many congratulations from
me too, you’ve made a good choice, and welcome to the MOC.

As archivist, identifying and keeping track of the movements of the hordes of Marlin cars is fairly time consuming, and looking at the list of new owners, I had the thought that
for the archive, in addition to your name I would welcome some details of your vehicle, information which will help to keep our vehicle database as current as possible.

In return, it is very likely that within the archives we may have some history and/or old pictures of your car which, on request, could be sent to you – however, if you do request
information from me, please be patient as I do have a life outside the archive!

Rather than going into the public domain with information, I would prefer that you make contact using my personal email address which is in Pitstop.

I look forward to your e mails.

Dave Cunnington, Club Archivist

10-09-2018, 06:19 AM
I too would like to remind members to fill in their car details as part of your membership information. The information includes:

Chassis Number
Vehicle Registration
Vehicle Colour
Engine Make
Engine Size
Second Car (If you have a second Marlin)
Donor Vehicle

Members can view and modify their information by following these steps:

From the welcome or Main Website screen


Select “CLUB MEMBERSHIP” – you may need to log in at this stage.

Under the title Your Membership, select the here in “If you are an existing member and wish to look at your membership details or renew subs please click here.”

On that screen select “Edit Your Details”

Scroll down to view, add or modify your details. Don’t forget to click “Save profile” near the bottom when you are finished.

10-09-2018, 07:38 AM
Hi Paul,
Updated my profile but can't find a "save profile" button??

10-09-2018, 08:31 AM
Hi Paul,
Updated my profile but can't find a "save profile" button??

The button is underneath the change password section (you don’t need to change the password). It’s a light grey button with white lettering (I didn’t choose the colours).

Full marks for your prompt action. Thanks.



10-09-2018, 08:57 AM
Hi Paul,
Updated my profile but can't find a "save profile" button??

This made me look a little deeper into things and I inevitably have some comments.

It’s not very intuitive and there are two separate profile sections,

The first is for the Forum, accessed directly from My Profile, just along from Log Out and Settings at the top of this page. It only impacts on your Forum Profile not your MOC Membership Profile.
It is particularly useful if you complete the forum signature as it’s the place where you can identify the basics of your car, that will be visible every time you post. It can save members asking, “So it’s a Roadster, a Mk1, Hybrid, Mk2, What Engine, What Gearbox, anything else special etc.
It has no Save Button

The second is your MOC Membership Profile, accessed through the Main Website, just below the string of graphics.

Its not exactly intuitive at all, you have to be persistent to find it. This is information only visible to you and MOC Admin, it’s definately members only.
I have not looked in this section since the creation of this version of the Website.
Many years ago, I had an argument with the then Membership Secretary, they basically refused to tell me what information the club held about me. So what I found today was some erratic data, my address in Spain, changed 4 years ago, was right but my Partner/second member was a good 18 years out of date, so it’s worth checking your own,as things change.

The save button is cleverly disguised right at the centre bottom of the page beneath the change password section, on my iPad it’s almost illegible, I have not checked on my laptop, but I guess it’s the same.

So, completing or checking both Profiles, can make life a lot easier, for very different reasons.

But as always I have a bigger question. Specifically about the MOC Membership Profile.
Can someone higher up please confirm that any changes made on the Main Website Membership Profile (not the Forum Profile), actually reach the Database used by the Membership Secretary and the Club Archivist?
Is this infact the same Database, which would be the sensible way to operate, or do members who make changes, as I have done, have to tell them both?

So if you are in the Forum My Profile section, there is no save button, but if you are in the MOC Website Membership Profile section, there is a save button.

clearly Mocad2016 beat me too it. My questions still stand though.